Monday, March 4, 2019

Do you guys know that Soohan is joining Produce X 101?

[EXCLUSIVE] SKY Castle Lee Yoojin to join Produce X 101.. Challenging himself from an actor -> idol


1. [+56][-6] Soohan doesn't have that idol looks, though..

2. [+55][-0] ...?

3. [+42][-0] Source: Twitter
'Soohan said that he's happy being in the middle of the pyramid, and now he's joining 'the pyramid audition program';;

4. [+36][-0] Does Produce 101 have any meanings right now..?? At first, it was a program made for trainees to debut as idols.. And now that the show is doing really well, actors are joining it as well;;

5. [+22][-0] Soohan-ah..?? I heard he was preparing for a variety show appearance, and he was actually preparing for Produce 101..??? He doesn't have the idol vibes, though.. He should've just stayed as an actorㅠㅠㅠㅠ I would absolutely root for him, but he starred in SKY Castle.. And that's a huge potential for him to work in even better dramas or moviesㅠㅠ

6. [+10][-0] I hope Mnet doesn't take any advantages from Soohan..ㅠㅠ Well, he's joining the show so I'm rooting for him!!

7. [+5][-0] No one knows about what's going to happen in the future.. Soohan looks exactly like how Hwang Minhyun used to look like in kindergarten..