Monday, March 4, 2019

The girl groups who debuted in 2015 and still remain in the industry

Out of these 13 girl groups, how many do you know?

-I know 8 of them.. I really like Playback's songs..

-I know 10 of them.. I can't believe most of them have vanished from the industry..

-7! I don't know much of their songs, but I know 7 of them..

-Hul.. Why do I feel like April still hasn't been that long since their debut..? I can't believe they actually debuted in the same year with Twice..

-I know all of them except for two or three groups..

-There are 6 groups that I don't know..

-I know Playback because of Park Ye Eun!!

-Is Playback still actively promoting..? I heard their main vocal has debuted in another group..?

-I know 8 of them.. But out of those 8, I only listen to 4 of them.. 

-I've heard of 8 of them..

-Whoa.. I had no idea Oh My Girl and Twice debuted at the same year..

-I know all of them except I.C.E..

-I thought April was a rookie group.. I had no idea it has been that long since they debuted..

-8 of them! And I really Playback's song that is titled Playback..

-I know 10 of them!