Monday, March 11, 2019

The mourning house that Jung Joonyoung visited in 2015

JJY: I did it in the mourning house. I must be a trashㅋㅋㅋ
Singer Lee: Enjoy it while you can

Pictures of Jung Joonyoung and Roy Kim attending the funeral of the late Lee Maenghee (Chairman of CJ Group)

In the previous posts, I explained that Sangga/상가 could mean both shopping center and mourning house/funeral

-So that 'Sangga' he means was this funeral??

-What was his relation to Lee Maenghee?
  ㄴI'm not sure but Jung Joonyoung is under CJ Ent.

-Roy Kim is there too..
  ㄴIs Roy Kim the one that's mentioned as 'Singer Lee' in the news?
   ㄴRoy Kim's real name is Kim Sangwoo,..

-If he really did that in a funeral then wow..

-How do you know that this was the Sangga that he meant..?

-So the Kakao Talk conversation was really from 2015, right..?

-How could you have the thoughts to do it in a funeral..? Whoa.. He's seriously beyond my expectations..

-So the Sangga he meant was not 'Shopping Centre' but a 'Mourning House'..??

-I don't care whether if it's a shopping center or a mourning house, it's just really shocking for me..

-He just said Sangga, so I thought he meant it was a shopping center..

-I'm sure that's not the only funeral he went to in 2015. I think this is too much of reaching..

-Why..? Why is this controversial..?