Monday, March 11, 2019

Channel A reveals the silhouette of celebrities involved in the scandal along with Jung Joonyoung

정준영외 3명 체널A 실루엣 공개 | 인스티즈

정준영외 3명 체널A 실루엣 공개 | 인스티즈
정준영외 3명 체널A 실루엣 공개 | 인스티즈

정준영외 3명 체널A 실루엣 공개 | 인스티즈
정준영외 3명 체널A 실루엣 공개 | 인스티즈

-Who are they..?ㅠㅠ

-The guy in the last picture is the same person with the one in the second picture.. I don't know who's in the third picture, though..

-The first and third guy is the same person..

-So Singer Lee is not Seungri but a whole different person..?
  ㄴI think so. The news mention Seungri as Seungri, so I think Singer Lee is a whole different person!

-Is the last guy an idol..?
  ㄴIt's Choi Jonghoon..

-So Choi Jonghoon is really involved in this..??

-I've liked him ever since I was in middle school, it has been 13 years. He's the leader of his group. I really hoped it wouldn't be himㅜㅜ

-The guys in the last two pictures are Jung Joonyoung and Choi Jonghoon.

-Are you sure they used the right pictures..?? Who are they?

-Isn't that Seungri in the second picture from the last one..?

-Oh wow..

-That means the Singer C in mentioned in the news is Choi Jonghoon..

-There are still no further information regarding Singer Lee..

-The second picture from the last is Jung Joonyoung..