Monday, March 11, 2019

The context of Jung Joonyoung's Kakao Talk conversation

Kim XX : Are there any videos?
Jung Joonyoung: (sends a file)
Jung Joonyoung: I did it in (Sangga could mean shopping center and mourning house, but it's definitely a public place). I must be a trash.

-Kim XX is a commoner..?

-Whoa, he's really a trash..

-Whoa.. That's nastyㅋ

-He knows that he's a trash..ㅋㅋㅋ

-No one cares if you're having any sexual intercourse as long as both parties are fine with it^^ The problem is, why did you take videos of it and spread it online..

-Hul.. That's crazy..

-Whoa.. I was watching the news and this shocked me really hard..

-Ah.. That's really shocking..

-That's so freaking disgusting.. I think I'm gonna throw up..

-Is that the Jung Joonyoung that I know..??

-Huk.. Is this even real..??

-This came up on the news..??? I kept telling myself it wasn't him, though..

-Why are there no other informations regarding Kim XX surfaced online yet..?

-Sangga.. As in mourning house or shopping center..?
  ㄴI think it's the shopping center.
  ㄴRight..? If he did that in a mourning house then he must be out of his mind..

-This is so freaking disgusting that I can't even cuss anymore..

(NB. This picture below was posted in Instiz's twitter account, but the original post was already deleted when I clicked on it)