Sunday, March 24, 2019

Netizens can hardly believe the actual height of this female idol

I purposely just upload press-taken pictures of her

Oh My Girl's Yooa is 160cm
No matter how I look at her, I think she should be at least 166 to 167cm..

-She looks at least 170cm to me.. Her body proportion must be really nice..

-Whoa, I thought she would be at least 168cm tall.. I even thought maybe she was around 172 cm.. I can't believe she's actually 160cm, she has a really great body proportion..

-I thought she would be at least 167-ish..

-Whoa.. I was so sure she would be over 165cm tall.. YooA is so freaking beautiful..ㅠㅠㅠ

-What..?? I thought she was 169cm tall.. Her body proportion is really great..

-Her face is seriously so small..

-Her legs are really long..

-She has long calves.. I'm really jealous of her..

-I think it's because of her amazing body proportions.. I'm really jealous of her..

-I thought she would be at least 168 cm ish.. She must have a really small face and long extremities..

-Crazy.. I can't believe that she's shorter than me..

-Hul.. She looks 167cm tall to me. She has a reqally great body proportion..

-She doesn't look like 160cm tall at all.. Her face must be really small..

-Hul, she looks 165cm-ish to me.. She looks taller than she actually is..

-Her body proportion is seriously amazing..