Sunday, March 3, 2019

I think I know what kind of woman Jaehyun is going to marry in the future..

That's me me me me

-Let's not make people mad when the day still hasn't even started yet..

-You're seriously so annoying..

-I have never been this angry before..

-You shouldn't be living your life like that..

-Jaehyun has been living his whole life to the fullest, what did he do wrong to deserve this..

-I'm going to bring a cement, somebody needs to bring water and a huge empty gallon..

-I can only sigh to see this... You got it all wrong, girlㅠ

-'Shut up'


-Shut up. I've learned boxing before.


-How dare you do that to our Jaehyun...

(NB. lowkey posting this just for the memes)