Sunday, March 3, 2019

Write the things that you've done for your crush

I don't know if this is considered as unrequited love or one-sided love,
but I'm going to say that it's one-sided love.

There was this math teacher that I really liked, I would memorize his teaching schedules and in which class is he going to be.
Every time the bell rings, I would run to that class and wait for him to come out so that I can talk with him while walking to the teacher's office..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I would always bring his books or luggage and have a simple conversation on our way there..
There are some days where he has to teach for 4 hours, which means that I get to see and talk with him for 40 minutes..

But as I made it to the next grade, I'm not able to see him a lot now..ㅠㅠ
Well, that's the thing that I've done for my crush..


1. [+243][-0] That person made me realize what it's like to wait for Monday to come.. I'm a home-body, that's why I really love weekends. But at some points, I started to hope that weekends would pass by a little bit faster..

2. [+198][-2] This may sound random but I think I'm addicted to having a crush.. I don't want to be in a relationship, I like having crush better.. It somehow feels more desperate..

3. [+189][-9] I was a deskmate with him for 6 months. I really wanted to look beautiful in front of him, I would wake up 1 hour earlier to do full make-up, iron my hair, choose body mist's scent carefully, etc. I also only use perfumed-shampoo and body wash just for him. In order to find the right make up for me, I would do my make up and remove it all over and do it again. In order to find make up that suits my skin tone, I would roam around the whole store, try it one by one, and buy it all. I would skip lunch and walk around for 1 hour and 30 minutes, I would go on diet. And I'm afraid my mouth smells bad, so I would bring mouth wash during break times. I would shave every hair off from my body, take care of my nails, and since people tell me I look 1.5x prettier with earrings.. I got my ears pierced, etc.. A lot of people tell me I look really pretty back then..

4. [+164][-49] Upvote if you've cried because of your crush, downvote if you haven't..

5. [+102][-8] Guys, please know that you're probably somebody else's crush as well..