Saturday, March 23, 2019

High School Rapper 3 hasn't been getting any responses so far

심각하게 반응없는 고등래퍼3.jpg | 인스티즈
심각하게 반응없는 고등래퍼3.jpg | 인스티즈

The ranks in the digital music charts, the views in Naver Cast, and the amount of mentions in the social medias are so much lower than the previous seasons got..

-I'm enjoying it.. It's just that the 2nd season was really amazing.. Anyway, I'm gonna watch Haon's cypher now..

-I know right.. I barely see the show being mentioned in the Internet..

-I watched the show, but the songs don't grow on me..

-I love the songs and they're all good rappers, but I still can't move on from the second season..

-It's simply just boring.. I don't have any favorite participants, this season is out of league compared to the previous season..

-Because the second season was truly legendary.. Now that I think about it, I'm gonna watch some videos of Haon..

-It seems like people are losing interest on Hip Hop..?

-It's because Ha On is a wall..

-I personally think the songs are not as good as the ones from the previous seasons..

-The mentors are so much more interesting than the participants..

-I think the second season was truly a legend..

-It's because the second season was really really great..

-I'm really sorry to say this but it's because of their visuals..

-I dropped the show after watching the first episode. It's boring, I'm not gonna watch it..