Saturday, March 23, 2019

The worst uniform in the Produce 101 history

The uniform doesn't look good..

프듀 이번 교복 역대급 안 예뻐 | 인스티즈
프듀 이번 교복 역대급 안 예뻐 | 인스티즈

-What's with the ribbon..

-The color fails on making their faces look outstanding..

-They look like Detective Conan..

-What's up with that yellow tie..??

-It's the shade of blue that's really hard to look good with..

-The color looks weird..

-The ribbon looks weird..

-I think it would look better if they leave out the ribbon..

-I wonder who designed the uniform..

-The ugly shade of blue..

-They should've done better with the necktie, at least..

-They should've gone with black instead..

-Who's the second guy, he looks handsome..

-They look like Smurf..

-The best uniform goes to the second season..

-The color looks so old-fashioned