Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Divided opinions regarding the repair man who informed about the KKT conversation

It can be accepted because it's for public interest 


Leaking private information is still a crime, he needs to be punished

-Place yourself in his shoes.. Just imagine how raged was he to read the conversation that he leaked it to the public..

-That is not considered as private information. They're sexual offenders..

-I wouldn't say what he did was great, I mean.. He took a look at somebody else's phone without any permission..

-Honestly speaking, shouldn't he be punished for that..? 

-What if the conversation that he leaked wasn't a celebrity's but just a commoner's..? Do you guys still think that's it could be accepted..?

-I'm sure he already thought about it before leaking it.. He knew it's going to be a huge news..

-So we have to respect sexual offenders' private life too now..?

-Well, imagine if you go to get your phone fixed but the repair man take a look at your KKT instead.. Wouldn't that get you goosebumps..?

-If I were the victim, I would be very grateful for that repair man.. But still, it's kind of scary to think that he took a look at somebody else's phone..

-I don't think I can just leave my phone to get repaired in peace now.. I mean, they can take a look at my private information..

-I think he just took a look at it because it was a celebrity's phone..

-What's wrong is still wrong no matter what..

-But isn't it given for him to report the whole conversation..?