Monday, February 11, 2019

The pictures of BTS in Grammy that look closest to how they look like in person

BTS went to Grammy today!
There are a lot of pictures that look the closest to how they look in person surfaced on Instagram, they're so freaking handsome..!

Look at their noses..

Look at Hoseok's nose

A lot of fans are showing their love for BTS, which becomes the first Korean singer to get invited to Grammy Awards, by ushing the hashtag #BTSxGrammys. An hour from11PM today, there has been over than 2,300,000 tweets with the hashtag from all over the world.


1. [+76][-1] It shocked me to find out that they went to the red carpet by Palisade and not Limousine..

2. [+72][-1] Even Youtube's official twitter account tweets using the hashtag..

3. [+52][-0] BTS just got a close up shot..

4. [+22][-1] I was really surprised to see this picture..

5. [+21][-0] It's really fascinating to see verified accounts from overseas using the hashtag that we made^^

6. [+18][-0] Grammys' official Twitter account retweeted BTS' tweet..!! It's just the same thing like a principal head master uploading a picture of one of their students on their social media account..

7. [+18][-0] I'm not a fan of BTS but RM looks so intelligent with those glasses.. Anyway, congratulations on getting invited to Grammys!

8. [+14][-1] V's face, seriously..

9. [+9][-1] God..

10. [+9][-0] My idols are so freaking cool, they're the bestㅠㅠ