Sunday, January 13, 2019

Viewers discuss their theories and predictions about SKY Castle's 16th episode

[New suspect of Hyena's murderer]

The security in SKY Castle.

The reasons:

1. The fact that they keep on pointing that non-residents can't enter the castle
2. He knows that the kids held Woojoo's birthday party in the guest house
3. He has a close relationship with Lee Sue Im, judging by how Sue Im even knows that his name is Eun Gyu. 

Viewers suspect that he was probably ordered by Kim Jooyoung to kill Hyena, if these predictions were real..

-Hmm.. I don't think it's him..

-I find him suspicious too, since the moment I first saw him..

-Yeah, I find him really weird and suspicious as well..

-All the characters in the drama appear for some reason.. Just look at Laura Jung whom we all thought was random at first..

-I think it's him.. No one just appears randomly in the drama..

-Isn't it Kim Jooyoung..? She has a wound on her hand..

-Why are you guys so cruel to him..ㅠㅠ Sue Im just helped him because she's simply a kind woman..

-I feel bad for Hyena..

-It's either Laura Jung or Dohoon's mother, I'm sure one hundred percent..

-No.. That would be too random..

-I think it's him.. I have the feeling..

-I hope the writers are not crazy enough to make him the real culprit..

-???? That would be too weird..

[The wound on Kim Jooyoung's right hand]

This was one of the still cuts that was shown in the ending scene

-The more I think about her, the scarier she gets..

-Hul.. Crazy, does that mean Kim Jooyoung is the murderer??

-Where did she get that bruise..?

-Oh.. I thought that was just a shadow..

-This completely proves that she's the murderer..

-Hul.. Did she bump her hand while pushing Hyena or what..?

-Why can't I see the bruise..? Do you call that a bruise..?

-But wasn't Kim Jooyoung having a meal when it all happened..?

-Yeah, that bothers me a lot..

-Kim Jooyoung was having a meal with Kang Joonsang's family when Hyena fell.. Or maybe that was the reason why she was 20 minutes late??

-Hul.. I was wondering why she came 20 mins late. Now it all makes sense to me..

-I'm not really sure.. It just looks like a shadow to me..

-Hul.. She's suspicious but it could be just another trap..? 

[Hyena and Ye Seo's date of births indicate a plot twist]

It is revealed that her mother had her after going to Sunjae Island
Besides this, no one talks about how she was born in 2001

For your records, Woojoo and Yeseo were born in 2002

-I think that's just a mistake, though..

-Hyena was a year older than the other kids, and no one mentioned that in the drama..??

-It's written that Woojoo was born in October, but he held his birthday party in February.. I think it's just a simple mistake..

-I'm one hundred percent sure it's just a mistake..

-I think Hyena skipped a year..

-Seeing by how Woojoo's date of birth doesn't even match.. I think it's just a mistake..

-Maybe they just put random date because they thought no one would pay attention to it..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I think it's just a mistake.. Hyena died on Woojoo's birthday, but in that picture it's written that Woojoo was born in October..

-I'm so freaking confused because of all these birthdates..

-Hyena would be the normal one, then..? '02 liners are turning 18 years old this year, which means they're supposed to be in 11th grade, not 12th..

-Maybe she started school a little bit later than kids her age..?

-They did a close up shot on the birth dates for a quite long time.. There's no way that it's just a mistake..

[The reason why Hyena wants to go to SNU Med School]

The reason why Hyena wants to go to SNU Med School,
because it could be her power. 
She just needs to make Ye Seo gets rejected from SNU Med School.

She knows that Kang Joonsang's family wants to have a doctor in the third generation of their family.
Once she gets accepted in SNU Med School, she's going to reveal to Kang Joonsang and Jung Aeri that she's his real daughter and push Kang Ye Seo.

-You need to stay alive in order to get accepted in SNU Med School!!!

-I think the one that inherits Kang Joonsang's brain is Hyena..

-Hyena is absolutely a genius..

-You fool..ㅠㅠ You need to be alive to get accepted in SNU Med School..ㅠㅠ

-Hyena-ya, come back..ㅠㅠ

-It's cool how Hyena is able to achieve everything with just her own effort..

-Hul.. That makes sense..ㄷㄷ I'm getting goosebumps..

-I can totally understand Hyena's intention behind all of the things she does.. I feel really bad for her..

-I hate both Yeseo and Hyena, I don't think they're normal.. And between these two, Hyena is a little bit crazier than Ye Seo..

-Please revive Hyena..ㅠㅠ

-I can totally understand why she wants to do that.. Am I crazy for thinking like this?ㅠㅠ

-This makes sense..

[Kim Jooyoung confesses her feelings towards Ye Seo]

As Jooyoung shows Ye Seo the bracelet, she says 'I love you, Ye Seo-ya'

Kim Jooyoung stares at Ye Seo after tucking her in her (KJY) bed..

Kim Jooyoung stares at Ye Seo

-I think she's trying to brainwash Ye Seo and keep her as her own child..

-I swear I got chills at this scene..

-These two are so freaking creepy..

-This became a trending topic yesterday..ㅋㅋㅋ I think Kim Jooyoung is trying to have Ye Seo on her own..

-I seriously thought she was proposing to Ye Seo..ㅋㅋ

-Ugh.. She's so creepy..

-Her gaze looks like the gaze of a monster.. Goosebumps..

-No matter how much I've seen this scene, it appears to me that Kim Jooyoung has some 'feelings' towards Ye Seo..

-I seriously thought they were going to kiss at that point..

-She really told Ye Seo that she loves her???

-Let's help our My Melody!!!

-I was so surprised when she said 'I love you'..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ