Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lisa, the member in Black Pink who's bursting with charms

She has a great body and doll-like beauty..
She's good with gestures and expressions on stage, one of the idols that have out-standing presence on stage.

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-She's my favorite member in Black Pink but YG seems to not push her a lot..

-Her body is goals..

-She's very charming and also a great dancer.. That's why I like her..

-She has a great potential as a superstar. She has the looks and also the talent..

-She's tall and has a great body proportions.. She looks like a model..

-Lisa is very charming.. She looks outstanding in Black Pink's MV.. She's my favorite member in the group, along with Jennie..

-I personally think she's the prettiest in Black Pink..ㅠㅠ She has a great body and is also a great dancer.. So pretty..

-Her smile is the cutest thing ever.. But she turns really cool when she's on stagep..

-I really like that clear and cheerful voice that she has..

-She's my favorite member in Black Pink..ㅠㅠㅠ She has a lot of charms..ㅠㅠ

-She really does look like a doll..ㅠㅠ She's a good performer and also seems to be a really adorable person..

-YG, please push Lisa a little bit harder.. I think she would hit really big if she debuts as solo..

-She reminds me of barbie dolls..