Sunday, January 13, 2019

The most loved characters from SKY Castle

[Three stars from SKY Castle who succeeded on showcasing their talent and visual and are believed to do well even after the drama ends]

Kim Hyeyoon as Kang Ye Seo

Kim Bora as Kim Hyena

Jo Byunggyu as Cha Kijoon

Out of the other kid roles in the drama, these three have a big impact.
There's a lot of opinions saying that they're not only talented, but also charming

-I really like the actress who plays as Ye Seo.. Her pronunciation is so amazing..

-I'm looking forward to the actress who plays as Yebin..

-Hasn't Kim Bora always been that popular?? I remember a lot of people use her face as their profile pictures back in middle school days..

-The actress who plays as Ye Seo is going to be big.. She's a great actress..

-The three of them are good actors and actresses..ㅋㅋㅋ Ye Seo and Hyena are so pretty..

-Kim Bora was already famous before starring in this drama for her beauty.. I think she's going to do even more better once this drama ends..

-Their acting skills are so freaking great.. Everyone in this drama seems to be good actresses and actors, I think I need to start catching up on this drama.. Who knows they may hit big like how Reply 1988 did..

-Ye Seo is such a great actress.. Just look at the way her expression changes..

-Hyena, let's hit big.. I'm already looking forward to her next work..

-I would say it's Seojoon rather than Kijoon..

-I hope Hyena and Ye Seo get to work in great projects once SKY Castle ends, and pave their way to become superstars..

-Why is Woojoo not in this list..? Because he's already famous..? It's my first time seeing him since I don't really watch dramas..

[The character who has a big fandom despite the divided opinions from netizens]

Kang Ye Seo.
Frankly, rather than getting divided opinions, she actually gets so much negative opinions from netizens. But there are actually a lot of people who like her character.

It's so obvious that she's really passionate and ambitious, but it's not like being ambitious is a bad thing. 
Her fans really like to see how hard she studies and puts a lot of effort in order to get accepted in SNU.
Her clear goals + The sight of her getting brainwashed by Kim Jooyoung, somehow makes the viewers root for her.

The actress who portrays Ye Seo's role has a great skill and is actually really cute

She might be annoying but is actually very cute, especially the way she has a crush on Woojoo

No matter what, our Ye Seo has to get accepted in SNU..

Ye Seo is also very famous for looking like the character My Melody,
if you look up My Melody on Naver, her picture would be the first thing you see in the result

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-Everyone around me likes her a lot..ㅋㅋㅋ 

-The actress does really well on portraying the character..

-The actress who plays as Ye Seo is so adorable...ㅋㅋㅋ Even though I really hate the character..

-I can't let her grandmother belittles her.. That's why our Ye Seo has to get accepted in SNU!!

-I hate the character, but I really like the actress.. She has some amazing acting skills..

-Our princess, let's go for SNU Med School!

-My favorite character in the whole drama.. I would hate to have a friend like her, but as a drama character, she's really charming..

-I hate the character, but the actual actress is very beautiful and adorable..

-I still hope she fails in everything she does, though.. As a drama character..

-Ye Seo may be annoying, but she's actually very soft inside.. There's no way I could hate on her..

-I'm rooting for Ye Seo..ㅠㅠ

-I know that Ye Seo is a little b*tch.. But I can't help but adore her..ㅠㅠ

[The two stars from SKY Castle who would continue to do well even after the drama ends]

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-I don't know about Youngjae, but Hyena is already doing well even by now..

-I like Kim Bora so freaking much..ㅠㅠ

-I would agree if you say it's Ye Seo and Kijoon..

-I think it would be Ye Seo, Kijoon, and Hyena..

-Hyena and Seri.. Both of them have the talent and visual.. I'm sure we can see their faces more often in the future..

-Hyena would be a big actress, since she has both the looks and the talent! Her acting skills took my by surprise, especially in the scene where she went to Kim Jooyoung's office..

-One vote for Hyena!!

-Hyena was already popular even before this drama.. I have a feeling she's going to get a lot of drama offers in the future..

-Hyena would get a lot of drama offers, and for Ye Seo.. I have a feeling she's going to star in some movies..

-That guy looks like Park Bogum..

-Kijoon and Yebin have some great acting skills..

-I'm really looking forward to the actresses and actors who play as Hyena, Youngjae, and Ye Seo..