Sunday, January 13, 2019

The most hated characters in SKY Castle

[The four characters from SKY Castle that viewers wish to be crushed down]

Cha Minhyuk

Han Seojin/Kwak Mihyang

Kang Joonsang

Kim Jooyoung

The other characters may get divided opinions from viewers, but not with these fours.
The viewers hate them more as the time passes by, especially after the latest episode aired.

-Plus Seri that little b*tch..

-All of these characters deserve the worse.. I love Yeom Jung Ah, but not her character in this drama. They all need to get punished..

-Pagook deserves to get karma.. I hope his wife divorces her and he has to live with his mother for the rest of his life..

-I just hope Professor Cha and his wife to live in peace..

-I hope the karma bites Pagook in the ass.. 

-Everyone besides Woojoo's family, The Twins and their mother needs to be crushed down..

-Out of all these four, I hate Kang Joonsang the most..

-Add Ye Seo to the list..

-Why is Ye Seo not in this list..?

-F*ck, the latest episode just makes me hate Joonsang even more..

-You're missing Ye Seo in this list..

-I hate Kang Joonsang the most.. And Kim Jooyoung, she's pure evil..

-I hope the characters go to hell while the actors and actresses get the awards they deserve!

-Kang Joonsang.. It's all because of him.. F*ck..

-Queen Mihyang<3

-The OP needs to replace Pagook with Ye Seo..

[The change of expression on Kim Jooyoung's face in today's ep ending]

-She's seriously a great actress..

-I literally got chills during this scene..

-Please help Hyena..

-It's just as if she was looking at a bug that she was too unbothered to kill.. So freaking scary..

-She really does look like a psychopath..

-What kind of expression is that..? It just looks like that she shivers from the cold weather..

-She's such a great actress..ㅠㅠ Her acting skill is just too good to be real, I'm scared of her..

-I can understand her whole emotion with just this expression.. With no lines..

-She never fails to send chills down my spine with her outstanding acting skills..

-If JTBC had an awards, the Daesang would absolutely be hers..

-She looks really sexy in this scene.. I literally screamed because I couldn't resist it..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I'm getting goosebumps..ㅋㅋㅋ Her acting makes me hold my breath in..ㅋㅋㅋ

-So freaking annoying.. She looks sexy and annoying at the same time..