Thursday, December 27, 2018

There are two types of idol groups

The groups that look after the members who lack of singing ability by giving them fair amount of lines


The groups who don't care about the members who lack of singing ability, and give tons of lines for the main vocals.

Which one is better in your opinion?

-I don't know about the groups in this post but I personally think it is right to give a lot of lines to the ones who are better in terms of talent and skills..

-#2.. That way the songs would be easy to enjoy by the listeners..

-My favorite group used to be #2.. But now they're giving a fair amount of lines to all the members, since the subvocals are improving a lot these days..ㅋㅋ

-#1.. Since I don't watch live performances and only listen to digital songs. They can edit the voices and I won't even notice it..

-#2.. They can just give the 'lacking' members the killing part or the highlight of the song or maybe make them stand out during live performances..

-#2.. One little mistake makes me turn off the song and not wanting to listen to it anymore..

-#2.. At least for their title songs, I don't really care if it's their side-tracks though..

-I honestly think Sistar was really fair when it comes to lines distribution, though..

-Was Sistar that unfair..? I don't think so..

-Sistar was really fair when it comes to lines distributions. They gave Dasom a quite decent amount of lines and gave rap parts to Bora..!

-#2.. My ears are precious.

-#1.. Don't you just feel sorry for the 'lacking' members if they don't have any lines at all..?

-Honestly speaking, Apink's members are all good at singing. I have never thought any of them lack in singing ability..

-Apink is quite fair when it comes to lines distributions, though..ㅠㅠ