Thursday, December 27, 2018

Divided opinions regarding the right age for an idol to debut

The younger the idol is when they debut, the better vs It's not good for an idol to debut at a really young age

1. The younger the idol is when they debut, the better it is 
(example: debut at 15 to 17 years old)

-Idols are related with freshness! Besides, when someone debuts at a young age, their fans could watch them grow and develop their skills and that's a good thing.
-The younger the idol is, the more chances they get in the future. Debuting at a young age could be an advantage or the 'weapon' for them to success.
-It takes quite a long time for idol to hit 'big', so it's better for an idol to debut at a really young age. For male idols, they have to serve in the military service later so it's better for them to debut at a young age.

Taemin debuted with SHINee at 16 years old

Jang Wonyoung debuted with IZONE at 15 years old

Kang Jiyoung debuted with KARA at 15 years old

Changjo debuted with Teentop at 16 years old

2. It's not good to debut at a really young age, someone should be at least 19 years old to debut as an idol.

-Debuting at a young age could be a disadvantage, since they are still considered clumsy and mentally unstable.
-Idols who debut at a young age couldn't experience what it feels like to be a normal student like their other friends. 

Taeyeon debuted with SNSD at 19 years old

Sehun debuted with EXO at 19 years old

Park Jihoon debuted with Wanna One at 19 years old

Joy debuted with Red Velvet at 19 years old

-Kids who are 17 to 19 years old are still in school.. They're too young to debut as idols..

-18 to 19 years old would be the perfect age..

-#2.. 19 years old is still considered as young..

-Depends on each individuals..

-Debuting at a really young age could be a disadvantage too, you know..

-Well, I'm gonna go with #2.. My bias debuted at 23 years old and I personally think he was too old to debut. And now when he's starting to gain popularity, he has to go on hiatus to serve on military service..

-#2.. There are idols who debuted at a young age and still could adapt to the celebrity life well and succeed, but if I had to pick I'm gonna go with #2..

-#2.. It's better for them to experience school years first, so that they could have some memories to keep in their life..

-#1.. It's better than being a trainee for a long period..

-If they're talented enough, why shouldn't they debut at a young age..? There are a lot of idols who debut at the age of 17 years old or less, but these days they mostly debut at around 19 years old. They were starting to become mature at that age and of course, they're better in terms of skills and talents.. 

-Well, isn't debuting at a young age could bring so much advantages..? Just look at Taemin now..

-#2.. The world is too harsh for young kids to face alone..

-#1.. Especially when they become the youngest member in their group, they have so much advantages then.