Thursday, December 27, 2018

Russian anti-gay group bans screening of Kpop band BTS film

It is said the reason was because something related to homosexual

-What..? For real..?

-I am dumb-founded..

-??? I've watched the movie 3 times and there was nothing homosexual in it, though..?

-What..??? In which part, to be exact..?

-I've watched the movie 5 times.. I don't understand what the problem is..?

-What..? There wasn't anything related to homosexual in the movie, though..? What is up with Russia..?

-So they're saying that Russian Armys have to go overseas to watch the movie..?

-I've watched the movie and there's nothing except puppies, foods, beverages, and dad jokes in the movies..

-Which part of it, to be exact..?

-What kind of nonsense is this..?

-How do they live their daily life, then..

-Which part of it, to be exact..? I've watched the movie numerous times and there's nothing related to homosexual in the movie. They barely even show physical contacts between the members. 

-It must be really hard to be a homosexual in Russia.. I mean, Korea itself is already narrow-minded about homosexuals.. I just can't imagine..

-Well, even if there are any homosexual-related scenes in the movie.. So what?? Why do they ban homosexuals?