Saturday, June 30, 2018


The Japanese male rookie idol from Johnny's Jr Ent. that people think is handsome

Hirano Sho,
was born on January 29th 1997.
He's in a group called King & Prince.
He recently just starred in a drama, 'Boys Over Flowers' and becomes the hottest idol in Japan right now.

-He's so freaking handsome..

-Well, I have to admit that he's indeed very handsome.. How about his variety shows skills?

-Ah.. I seriously can't with that hairstyle. When will Japanese leave that hairstyle..?

-Ah.. He looks so much freaking better with short hair..

-F*ck, I can't bring myself to disagree..

-I don't know much about Japanese idols but I admit that he's handsome..

-Hul.. He's so freaking handsome..

-I can see Oh Jiho in his face..

-He looks handsome with his hair down..ㅠㅠ

-I wasn't expecting anything when I click on this post.. He's so freaking handsome..

-He reminds me of Niel..

-I think he would look so much more handsome if he puts on braces..