Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Red Velvet's stylists don't give outfits that fit the girls' body shape

This is a gif of Yeri during Red Velvet's performance on Music Bank yesterday.
How could they give clothes like this to someone who has a short waist;;;

If you look at her side profile, you'll realize that she's not fat or gained some weight, it's just her body shape.
Please give the girls something that suit their body shapes!

-She's so pretty.. Like a doll..

-It would've been better if they gave her an ordinary shirt instead of a crop tee..

-Wow.. Anyway, seems like Wendy has lost some weight. Look at how small her waist is..

-I think the stylists gave her crop tee because Red Velvet had to cover SNSD's Gee in Music Bank.. Because crop tees are like the representative outfit of Gee era..

-It's just a special stage for Music Bank, that's why the stylists didn't pay much attention to their outfits..ㅋㅋ They're just matching it with Gee concept..

-If you look at her side profile, you'll realize that she doesn't even have any belly fat.. It's just that the stylists who did her dirty..

-Why are they doing that to Yeri..

-Yeri is so beautiful!!

-I mean.. That's her body shape, there's nothing they can do about it..

-She's not fat, it's just that she has a short waist.. And of course, there's nothing they can do since she has to wear crop tee to match the concept of the song she's covering. But anyway, she still looks gorgeous as usual!

-That outfit doesn't look so bad on her.. It's quite pretty, though.. What's wrong with you guys..

-Yeri is so cute..ㅋㅋ