Friday, May 11, 2018

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The Produce48 trainee who looks like Taeyeon

Na Goeun trainee from RBW Ent.

She also participated on Mixnine before..
It must've been really stressful to keep on participating on survival shows like this, I hope things will turn out well for her this time..

프듀48 태연 닮았다는 연습생 | 인스티즈
프듀48 태연 닮았다는 연습생 | 인스티즈

-I think she also has Nayeon's aura in her!!

-I can't see the resemblance but she's so pretty!

-She looks like JinE..

-She looks like Taeyeon during Fine era in the first gif..

-I think she looks like the mixture of Taeyeon and Twice's Dahyun..!

-She doesn't resemble Taeyeon at all but she's beautiful in her own way!

-She looks like Twice's Nayeon and actress Chae Soobin in my eyes..

-Oh.. I slightly see the resemblance in the first gif..

-She kinda looks someone familiar but I don't think it's Taeyeon..

-Whoa.. She's so freaking pretty..

-I can see Jung Hanna too in her face.. She looks so lovely!

-She looks like Oh My Girl's ex-member, JinE.. So pretty..

-I think she looks like Yooa..?

-I can't see the resemblance with Taeyeon but I personally think she looks like JinE!