Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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The next episode of Produce 101 will be full of tears

(Screen cap of the tenth episode from the first season, the remaining trainees that survived from the third ranking announcement had to put their feelings into word a.k.a Mind healing class)

They're going to do it this week.. I think it's going to be really really sad, I'm expecting to see them full of tears..


1. [+257][-23] I'm one of Pledis trainees' fans and I think they won't really put their feelings into words..

2. [+253][-9] I want to see him crying.. I've never seen  his tears, not even 0.1gr of it..

3. [+149][-6] I have a feeling I will cry more than them.. Am I the only one who feels so?

4. [+111][-2] If Mnet really doesn't have bad intention towards Jisung, Hyungseob and Hyunbin, they shoul give them more screen time to express their feelings to the viewers..

5. [+104][-4] Joonyoung-ah, if you still have heart, you should let Hyungseob have more screen time to talk about his feelings..

6. [+84][-4] I hope they won't edit Ahn Hyungseob's screen time this time.. Hyungseob actually has apologized to the viewers, he trembled so hard when he did that, but Mnet only showed it on the teaser and not in the actual show.. Douchebags..

7. [+78][-5] To the trainees who did some mistakes and got a lot of hate they don't deserve, such as Lee Daehwi, Kwon Hyunbin, Ahn Hyungseob, Yoon Jisung, etc, I hope they will have the courage to talk about the truth in front of the camera and I also hope Mnet will not edit them out and air it on the show.. I'm a fan of Hyungseob, and I agree what he did during the first ranking announcement was wrong, he got a lot of hate for it but he already gave a feedback and apologized, with his hands trembling so hard, but Mnet decided to use it only for the teaser for the next episode and didn't actually air it on the show. It upsets me so much, please stop evil-editing the trainees and also give them fair screen times.. I beg you Mnet, please..

8. [+69][-1] I'm curious about what will Jisung, Hyunbin, Hyungseob, Youngmin, Daehwi and Taehyun talk if they had the chance to speak up their feelings.. And also the trainees who don't get to show their charms and talents due to the lack of screen time Mnet gives to them, and Euiwoong also Sanggyun who had a hard time because of Ha Minho.. I hope Hyunbin will survive the ranking announcement next week so that he gets to speak up his feelings..

9. [+61][-1] Please get Lee Daehwi, Kwon Hyunbin, Ahn Hyungseob, and Pledis trainees' mental healths checked up..

10. [+56][-0] Trainees in this season get a lot of hate no matter how small their mistakes are.. That's probably why they often cry..