Monday, January 2, 2017

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Irene and Sehun to be choosen as the best dresser of the week

2016 SAF Gayo Daejun Red Carpet - Red Velvet's Irene
Irene's Red Carpet Look shows off her Goddess-like visuals. Her mini dress, that's just as small as her hands, only covers part that needs to be covered, but she looks lovely in it. The off-shoulders dress shows off her delicate collarbones, and her black colored choker helps her to give off the sexy vibes, while her vintage earrings helps people to locate their gazes on her face. The male fans' hearts are attacked by her S-Line that's clearly shown because of the frill details on her dress. 

2016 SAF Gayo Daejun Red Carpet - Exo's Sehun
Sehun cosplays as Slytherin perfectly for his Red Carpet look. He really looks good with that suit, especially since he has a very 'cold' vibe. He's wearing a classic three-pieces suit for that ocassion, which gives him a noble aura. To give off a trendy vibe, he chooses a stripe patterned suit and one-button jacket to shows off his slim body line. The glittery tie he chooses for the accessory is the point of his whole look that day. He looks very out-standing with his neat hair and dark eyebrows.


1. [+185][-6] True that..

2. [+124][-4] Whoa.. Those are press pictures but they look really good in it..

3. [+122][-1] They put Jaehyun as the worst dresser in the same article, right?ㅋㅋㅋ Then the best and the worst dressers are all from SM.. NCT's stylists are indeed too cruel..

4. [+72][-0] I heard the outfits that Exo wore for the Red Carpet were from Yves Saint Laurent's collections, they all looked really gorgeous.. But it's too bad that they only wore it for Gayo Daejun..

5. [+56][-2] Oh Sehun is so freaking handsome..

6. [+52][-1] Sehun is cute..

7. [+49][-0] Honestly, the suit that Sehun wore wasn't that special.. I feel like they're only picking him as the best dresser because he's Oh Sehun.. 

8. [+46][-0] Sehun looks really cold if he puts up his hair, but he looks really innocent and pure when he puts it down.. Does he have thousands of different faces..?

9. [+42][-0] I don't know whether if Exo changed their stylists, ot the stylists finally got their sanity back.. They give Exo good outfits these days..

10. [+42][-1] It's crazy.. Look at Oh Sehun..