Monday, January 2, 2017

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DIA's temporary lightstick and Seventeen's official color

Seventeen has announced their official color, Rose Quart and Serenity, on their 500th day after their debut. 

Their fans are feeling really uneasy right now because another idol group, DIA, just released their temporary lightstick and it has the same color as Seventeen's official color. The only groups who use two tone colors for their official colors are Twice, Seventeen, and Block B. Eventhough it's just a temporary lightstick, people will recognize the color and it will become a big problem. As we all know, fans are really sensitive when it comes to their favorite idols' official colros. 

Their fans are flustered because they have never thought there will be any problems with their color since having two-tones color as an official color is not an usual thing.

I hope DIA's company will give a feedback about this as soon as they can.

Whoa.. I feel so unfair because I'm not good at talking. I called DIA's company and they asked if Seventeen was the one who made that colorㅋㅋㅋ They asked if Seventeen already got permission to use that color from the person who made it.. They're attacking me with their words..


1. [+255][-4] If this happened in a big concert like Dream Concert, will the boys able to recognize us?

2. [+209][-4] Why would anyone think that it's okay since it's just a temporary lightstick.. This is just so annoyingㅋㅋㅋ I personally think Seventeen's official colors are really unique and it match their concept really well.. I hope MBK will give a feedback soon..

3. [+103][-12] Actually, even muggles know that Seventeen has been using two-tones as their colors since their early debut daysㅋㅋㅋ 

4. [+61][-1] The lightstick color are really similar.. We've been using that color since last year, and it was announced on their 500th day..
The comparison of Seventeen and DIA lightstick color:
Purple= R:239 G:43 B:229
Blue= R:23 G:41 B:229
Purple= R:242 G:26 B:249
Blue= R:12 G:69 B:146

5. [+51][-0] I remember there were a lot of posts saying that Seventeen's official colors are pretty when it was first announced, am I right??? It's unofficial, but I think Seventeen was the first group to use two-tone colors as their official colorㅋㅋㅋ Kwangsoo just messed up with the wrong person..

6. [+51][-1] Can you tell these two apart from afar??

7. [+29][-1] It's not just a color, but two-tone color.. How many colors are there in this world that they have to choose the exactly same ones? This means that they're looking down on Seventeen.. I'm really offended..

8. [+48][-1] One thing that I wish people would know is that Seventeen didn't choose Rose Quart and Serenity as their official color because it were the trending colors on 2016. They've been using those colors since their debut on 2015, but postponed the announcement until their 500th day.. Their fans were surprised to see those colors became the trending colors on 2016.. Out of all the colors that exist in this whole world..

9. [+38][-0] It almost look exactly the same if you see it from afar.. Just think of it, there will be no benefit of having Seventeen greeting DIA's fans because they mistaken them as their fans, and vice versa.. I hope the company will give a feedback and change the color as soon as they can..

10. [+34][-0] How many colors are there in this world? If they're going to use two-tones as their color, does it really have to be exactly the same as the ones that Seventeen is using? I just can't understand it..