Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who is the most handsome male idol in your opinion?

Let's be honest and tell me the most handsome male idol in your opinion!!

Who is the most good-looking male idol who never fails to abuse the heart of his female fans with his visual?

For me it's Sehun..

1. [+640][-256] Do Kyungsoo is so handsome..
2. [+510][-148] Since you ask us to be honest.. It's Myungsoo, my bias^^

 3. [+480][-119] Kim Joonmyeon is not my bias but I have to admit that he's so freaking handsome..

4. [+243][-56] Xiumin.. Minseok-ahㅠㅠ

5. [+240][-121] BTS' V!!!

6. [+214][-30] I'm so lost because of him.. He looks handsome when he smiles, when he cries, even when he acts like a fool..

7. [+205][-31] I agree with Sehun.. Honestly I'm his fan, but even if I wasn't his fan I would still choose him..

8. [+162][-196] Yoongi-ya.. He's so freaking handsome.. He looks like a son from a royal family;;; Swag;; 

9. [+153][-34] Kim Jongdae

10. [+144][-70] Kim Taehyung