Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hover Hands get divided opinions from Koreans and Westerners

This action is called 'Manner hands' in Korea, and also known as 'Hover Hands'
Basically, Koreans consider this as a manner while Westerners think that this is a very unpolite thing to do, especially since it makes the woman uncomfortable.

-That's true.. That makes me think 'You don't even want to touch me..?' something like that..

-It's because of the culture difference..ㅎ

-Oh.. Really..? That's cool..

-Hmm.. But honestly, I don't really consider 'manner hands' as manner, though.. Maybe they're just doing that because it's called 'Manner' hands..?

-It's so cool if you look at pictures of celebrities doing that, but it's not cool at all once it happens to you in real lifeㅠㅠ I wish he'd just at least put his hand on my shoulder..

-I personally think that it's polite to do that if the man have to put their hands on the woman's waist, but it's a little bit too much for them to hover their hands when all they have to do is just to touch the woman's shoulder..

-I've heard about this before.. 

-Honestly, I also think that's an unpolite thing to do..

-Hm?? I thought they're hovering their hands because they don't want to touch the woman..? 

-It's because of the culture difference! There's no way we can choose which culture is the best between these two, there's no point on doing thatㅎㅎ I personally think that's polite..

-It's awkward to see those hands hovering in the pictures..

-There's a country where the people greets each other by rubbing their noses to each other, anyway..

-Honestly.. How should I say it..? I'm not saying that is unpolite, but that doesn't look like something that can be considered as 'manner'..

-I hate it as well.. It makes both the woman and the man, look awkward in the picture..

-I hope men would at least put their hands on my shoulder when they take picture with me, they can't touch my waist because they will be able to feel my fat..

-I think it's because those men are celebrities, and they're just hovering their hands because they don't want to get into scandals or misunderstandings?

-But once a male celebrity takes a picture with his hand on the female celebrity's shoulder or waist, people will talk bad about how mannerless is him behind his back.. Am I right?

-I don't know who invented that, and why... smh.. What's wrong with putting your hand on a woman? It's just for a picture..

-I also often question myself about that.. How is that called as a manner..?

-It's called manner because they're being considerate to their fans..?