Friday, October 7, 2016

Share the best picture of your bias here!

This is our Myungsoo<3


1. [+108][-36] This is the behind-cut for their teaser this comeback.. I repeat myself, this is the behind-cutㅠ

2. [+108][-37] It's too hard for me to only pick one.. He looks like a little kid and a grown up man at the same time.. It's so heart-fluttering..

3. [+106][-24] This is not the best gif of him, but still..

4. [+50][-10] Taehyung..

5. [+39][-2] Sehun-ah..

6. [+36][-3] Hmm..

7. [+35][-1] This is a very popular gif of him..

8. [+35][-1] Oppaㅜㅜㅜ

9. [+33][-6] So freaking handsome..

10. [+31][-3] This is the best picture of him in my opinion..