Friday, October 7, 2016

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A girl group's member who went on the stage without microphone

They've been promoting this song for 8 weeks and this time one of the members lipsynced without bringing microphone to the stage.

-They're good at singing.. Why do their company keep telling them to lipsyncㅠㅠ I really like their song this time, though..

-Hul.. She really went on stage without any microphone..

-The song is so nice.. It's a secret..

-I once tried to sing and dance to this song at once and I swear I thought I was going to die..

-They don't always lipsync on stage, I noticed they sang the song live around.. two times? And they actually sound really good, I don't get it why do their company keep telling them to lipsync..

-Hul.. She went on stage without any microphone.. Are there some members who lack the skills to sing the song live..?

-I noticed it before but I didn't think that they were lipsyncing for real.. Why don't their company let them sing live..

-It's A Secret is such a very nice song, I swear.. To those of you who never listened to this song, you should go and try to listen to this song.. It's a shame that they don't sing this song live on music shows..

-Hul.. She went on stage without microphone..? Then what's the point on performing on music shows..?

-I saw this on another post, I heard they didn't lipsync this stage because they couldn't hear Exy's voice (she was the one who didn't have microphone)

-I really like the songㅠㅠㅠ

-She went on stage without microphone.. How could a singer perform on stage without any microphones..

-They've been promoting the song for 8 weeks and lipsyncing is a little bit... you know..

-They seem like they would actually sing really well if their company lets them to..

-You have to listen to their song, I can't stop listening to it..


-I heard that Exy was in bad condition that day, so she didn't sing on stage that's probably why she didn't have any microphones..

-Where did her microphone go..?

-Maybe the staff didn't give her one..?