Friday, October 7, 2016

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Two female groups with the most hit songs in the history

I'm Your Girl, I Love You, Just in Love, Running, Dreams Come True, Be Natural, U, Show Me Your Love, Love, etc..
In The Club, Stay Together, I Don't Care, Lonely, Ugly, Missing You, Gotta Be U, If I Were You, etc..
-I expected to see SNSD in this list..
-I really like 2NE1's songs..
-For me, it's 2NE1 and Wonder Girls..!
-SNSD has a lot of hit songs as well~~~
-I expected to see S.E.S in this list.. Their songs are so nice, I still listen to them nowadays.. 
-I thought T-Ara would also be in this list..

-If you're talking about girl groups, it's going to be SNSD, Wonder Girls and 2NE1..

-I still listen to 2NE1's songs nowadays.. 

-2NE1 has a lot of nice songs.. Basically, all of their songs are considered as hit songs..

-I agree with 2NE1..

-I personally think that SNSD, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 are the top 3 female groups with the most hit songs..

-In The Club is a bop..

-Even 2NE1's debut song is a hit..

-2NE1 always come up with hit songs..

-Honestly, all of Kara's title songs are good..

-I know all of 2NE1's songs..

-2NE1ㅠㅠ I haven't born during S.E.S Era so I don't really know much about them..

-God-2NE1, I love youㅠㅠ All of their songs are so nice..

-Oh.. I expected to see F(x) in this list, but I admit that these two groups have a lot of nice songs!


-SES really has a lot of hit songs..