Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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If you had to join any of these male groups, which concept will you go with?

Ignore their company, fandom, and popularity~

iKON's Airplane
"Just one more day, just one more hour, just one more minute, just wanna say one thing"
Seventeen's Pretty U
"I want to gather all the pretty words and give them to you"

VIXX's Eternity
"I had such a scary and bad nightmare"

Beast's 12.30
"Right now, we're like the clock hands at 12.30"

BTS' Boy in Luv
"Hold me tight before I kiss you, before my heart lets you go"

Exo's Overdose
"I drew you closer with all I had"

Bigbang's Sober
"Time is so damn slow, I'm just growing old, I live like I'm dead"

I choose these songs because they are my favorite onesㅠㅠㅠ

(lyrics translation: popgasa)
-Beast's 12.30..ㅠㅠ
-Pretty U..
-Pretty U or 12.30..
-Sober or Pretty U!!
-Overdose or Pretty U..
-I would go with Sober! It's my favorite song of Bigbang!
-Pretty U or Eternity..
-Pretty U, Boy in Luv..
-Eternity or 12.30..
-Bangtan, Exo..
-Well.. If it's for debut song, I would go with Pretty U!!
-The best debut songs are usually the energetic and cheerful one, so I would pick Pretty U!
-I think I would choose Eternity.. Or 12.30.. but Pretty U is also a good song.. Ah.. I don't know..
-I love Exo but for Pretty U would be a very nice debut song!
-I want a concept like SHINee's Dream Girl..
-Seventeen.. I also want to be energetic and cheerful..
-Hul.. I can't choose only one..
-For debut song, an easy-listening and cheerful song like Pretty U would be nice.. And for the next years into my debut, I would like to release songs like Overdose or Sober..
-For the debut song, Pretty U would be nice.. While the concept is something like VIXX's Eternity.. It would be the best debut ever..
-Airplane!! I love that song so muchㅠㅠ  or something like Bigbang's Sober..

-It's between Boy in Luv, Overdose, and Eternity..!!

-My choice is not in the list..

-For debut song, it would be Seventeen's Pretty U..

-Sober and 12.30 has an unique vibes that rookies will have a hard time to go with.. I rather have energetic song like 'Pretty U' for my debut!!

-12.30.. Because it's my favorite song..

-Pwetty U..

-Exo's Overdose!!

-No one can mess with Bigbangㅠㅠ Airplane!!

-Pretty U..<3 I love that song so much..

-I know it's not in the list but I would love to have 'The Seventh Sense' as my debut song..


-For debut song, it's Pretty U and for the next comeback, it's Eternity..

-For debut song, it's Pretty U and I would love to have a concept and song like Exo's Overdose for the next album..

-VIXX is the best..