Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Kim Sejeong looks like a Japanese Idol in the 80s?

Kim Sejeong

Akina Nakamori: The representative Japanese in 1980 along with Seiko Mitsuda. She's considered as the legend of pop industry in Japan



-Whoa.. They look similar, especially their vibes!

-Whoa.. They really do look like each other..

-Whoa.. Unbelievable.. I didn't expect much when I open this link, though..

-Huk.. They look similar.. Unbelievable..

-Whoa.. Even their smiles look similar..

-Omo.. They look like each other..

-It's cool..

-Whoa.. Sejeong looks like her so much, I had to stop for a few seconds at some pictures because I can't differentiate them..

-They really do look like each other.. I'd believe it if you say those are just some edited pictures..

-Both of them are so pretty..

-Hul.. Whoa..

-Whoa.. They look so freaking similar..

-Oh.. I can see the similarities! They both look so cute!!

-Whoa.. They look similar especially when they smile!!

-Huk.. I'm getting goosebumps..

-Hul.. They look like each other especially the last and the first picture..

-Hul.. She is her doppelganger..

-Even their auras are pretty similar..??

-Huk.. That Japanese idol looks like Sejeong especially in the first picture of her..

-Hul.. They resemble each other way too much..

-Kim Sejeong must gain a lot of popularity if she starts doing activites in Japan.. I really thought that Japanese idol was Sejeong..

-She also resembles Exy and Han Hyojoo in some way..

-I can't even tell them apart in some pictures..

-Anyway, that Japanese idol is really pretty..

-Hul.. They both are so cute..