Friday, July 22, 2016

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Same Clothes Different Feeling: Lee Sungkyung vs Suzy vs IU

Lee Sungkyung



-Lee Sungkyung is a model for real..

-Lee Sungkyung looks like Lee Sungkyung, Suzy looks like Suzy and IU looks like IU..ㄷㄷ

-Whoa.. Models are different..

-This is just my personal opinion but I found nothing pretty about that dress..

-Who is the man in the last picture..? He's really handsome..

-I feel like it's a dress that was made for photoshoot! Maybe it's because of its color..?

-Lee Sungkyung looks pretty with that dress in my opinion..

-Models are models for some reason..

-Lee Sungkyung's body saved the dress..

-Our Unnie looks so pretty and lovely now that she puts down her fringes..

-The dress is so-so..

-Suzy looks the best in that dress for me..ㅠ Ah, so pretty..

-Lee Sungkyung is indeed a model and IU suits that dress in her own way prettily..

-Lee Sungkyung is really pretty, I might curse her because of it..

-The three of them look good in that dress..

-Their faces saved the dress.. The dress is not that pretty.. It's just so so..

-Whoa.. All of them have their own auras, they're all so pretty..

-I suffocated when I saw Suzy's selfie..

-No wonder why Lee Sungkyung is a model...