Monday, July 4, 2016

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GFriend's Eunha is..

Now that she has bangs and cut her hair short, she has gotten so much prettier. Don't you think so??? I've been working hard to grow my hair but now that Eunha cut her hair short, I want to cut my hair as well.. I never knew Eunha was this pretty.. This is going to be her era..

cr: two eunbi


1. [+111][-52] F*ck.. Who said she was ugly.. She's pretty..

2. [+73][-46] I looked up her name on searching engine after reading this post.. I found this, she's really prettyㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+57][-36] Eunha is really pretty.. It breaks my heart whenever I see hate comments saying that she's ugly, her eyes are weird, etc..ㅠㅠ She's a quiet person.. If they give her a little bit heavier make up especially on her eyes, she will be very pretty.. And she's also good at singing~ She's really petite and she looks fragile, and now she even has a short hair style..

4. [+51][-11] I don't know.. It's really obvious that she got her eyes done..

5. [+51][-46] Am I the only one who thinks GFriend's members are pretty since a long time ago..?

6. [+35][-14] A girl whose eyelids are ruined because of plastic surgery.

7. [+35][-6] If this is really her predebut picture.. She's really pretty;;

8. [+27][-11] Jung Eunbi is pretty..

9. [+24][-1] GFriend's photoshoot for their teasers always don't come out well.. I thought her looks were ruined because she cut her hair short when I saw their teaser but then I saw a picture of her fansite and she actually looks good with that hairstyle..

10. [+19][-8] I really like Yuju these days..