Sunday, July 3, 2016

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Male celebrities who look approachable in women's eyes

Honestly, visuals like Wonbin or Go Soo are masterpiece so they seem unapproachable and it's a little bit burdensome for women to approach them first.. 
Women tends to find men with soft features to be more approachable and not burdensome.
There's always one or two persons who has this kind of visual around you, I'm not saying that they look average..
The conclusion is these days, women like men who has soft features more than those who has distinct features.

-In reality.. There's no men who looks like that around me..

-Soft features???? If Lee Jaehoon's features are soft then what does that make me..
  -If that is what you call soft features then my whole face is just a mozaic..

-Our Jinki's visual is not an average, though..

-More than soft features.. They both look innocent and gentle..

-I've never met someone who looks like Jinki or Lee Jaehun in my whole life..

-I can't approach those kind of guys because there's no guys who look like that around me..

-No.. No.. I don't find those visuals approachable.. 

-The problem is there is no one who looks like them in reality..

-They look innocent and pure..

-Approachable, you said..?

-There's no one around me who looks like that but I have to admit they do look approachable.. But I can't guarantee they will accept me..

-Shut up....

-I've never even seen someone who has nose like Lee Jaehun's in real life.. 

-I don't think they are considered as approachable but I know what are you trying to say here..

-If you know someone who looks like Jinki, please contact me..

-I don't think they have soft features.. though? They're just handsome. Period. 

-No.. I can't approach people who looks like this..


-I really like men who has images like that.. 

-No way.. There's no way I could approach them first..