Monday, July 4, 2016

Do you remember this post?

'The kid who made me an outcast is deadㅋㅋ'
'I'm so f*cking relieved. It's a good thing that you're dead. Motorbike-ya, thank you<3'
'Only kids who experienced bullying know this feelingㅋㅋ Don't ask for the reason.. Just think of it as seeing a crime getting death sentence'
'I 1% know how you're feeling since I've been bullied to before.. Only kids who were bullied know this feeling..'
'Saying 'It's a good thing that you're dead' is a little bit too much.. But I don't have anything to say because I know your feeling right now'

There was a post like this on Pann before and I got goosebumps while reading it.. I've never been bullied before but the fact that she's telling people that it's a good thing that person dead as if she was really happy because of it just.. getting me goosebumps..


1. [+71][-6] You know nothing because you've never been bullied before..

2. [+19][-2] You would do the same thing if that happened to you..

3. [+11][-3] It's possible to think like thatㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+5][-0] I can understand her.. There must be some point where she wanted to commit suicide because of that person.. She must have wanted to kill that person as well, and now that person is dead, she feels relieved..

5. [+5][-0] There was a student in my school who kept bullying me since 8th grade, she always stole my money, my makeup, spread false rumour about me, etc. And now she enrolled to a high-school in country side, it's really a good thing for me..

6. [+2][-0] But if the bully didn't die, there's a possibility the victim will commit suicide.. So I think it's better for the bully to die instead of the victim..

7. [+2][-3] Me too.. I also got goosebumps when I read that..

8. [+1][-3] It's wrong for that person to bully her but still.. it's wrong to say that 'It's a good thing that you're dead'..

9. [+1][-2] I also got goosebumps when I saw that post and broke out into cold sweats when I read the comments..

10. [+0][-0] I don't want to live in this world..