Saturday, July 2, 2016

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Everyone wishes for this female idol to act pretty in front of the cameras..

We all know that you're an easy going person,
so please just act pretty like you used to before..

-I expected to see her face in this post..

-But she still looks pretty doing that..

-Did she do that because the noodles were hot?

-It's her personality, why are you forcing her to act pretty?!???! Don't you dare to disturb my kid!!

-I'm sure it wasn't the concept she was going to go with at first.. But now that she's exaggerating it, it becomes her concept..

-It's her right to change her personality on TV or not.. You can't force her to change her personality..

-It looks like she did that because the noodles were still hot..

-Hani-ya.. You're an idol..

-But she still looks pretty, though?

-As a fan.. I feel sorry for her because she has to over exaggerating her reactions.. I actually wish she would come back to that innocent Hani like she used to be on Crime Scene before..

-I don't know if that is considered as pretty but I really like Hani unnie!!

-If she acts pretty you will hate her because of it, and when she acts easy going you still hate her because of it..

-She's pretty no matter what she does..

-I hope she knows the lines..

-It doesn't matter as long as she acts pretty when she performs on stage.