Monday, June 27, 2016

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Two agencies that really know how to make fans happy

Infinite's agency, Woollim Entertainment

Bangtan's agency, Big Hit Entertainment

A lot of fans are satisfied with their works compared to another agencies' works..

-I can't deny this.. I hope they will take a better care of their idols' health..

-There's always at least a member in Bangtan who's being hospitalized in every promotions..;

-They would be perfect if they take a better care of their idols' health..

-They would be a really nice agency if only they behave nicely..

-I can only be jealousㅎㅎ

-There are some things that I don't like from them, but I have to admit that their songs qualities are the best.. If only they're a little bit better at giving feedbacks and promoting their idolsㅠㅠ

-I wish SM will release more goodies..

-I envy their fans..

-Big Hit is really good at anything connected with internet..

-I'm so happy with Big Hit.. If only they can take a better care of my kids' health and their schedule.. Yeah..

-Bangtan's agency is really.. (thumbs up)

-I really like Big Hit<3<3

-I hope they will let my kids rest a little bit..

-Am I the only one who dislikes Woollim?ㅎ.. The only thing I'm being grateful for them is the fact that they put my kids in a group and let them debut as Infinite..

-Cube, please watch and learn from these agencies..

-Haha.. Woollim doesn't even do their work properly..

-Woollim's coordies are hard-working!

-I'm satisfied with Big Hit.. I actually think that there's no agencies as good as Big Hit..