Tuesday, January 14, 2020

It's fascinating how Chen's relationship has never been reported by media outlets

naejongseok is EXO's personal gym trainer
mihee.xoxo is Chen's girlfriend
Jongdae is Chen's real name

naejongseok: I know it's late, but happy belated birthday to our Jongdae. Come home quickly, this hyung will treat you delicious foodㅋㅋㅋ
mihee.xoxo: Treat me food too... Stop adoring Jongdae and start adoring me too😢I'm jealous

mihee.xoxo: You're so healthy. I climbed up 2 floors today and I already ran out of breathe. 
naejongseok: You should work out with your boyfriendㅋㅋ
mihee.xoxo: Boyfriendㅋㅋㅋ What are you talking about

mihee.xoxo: I want to have #Lovestagram too... It itches me.

Why do I feel worn out even though I went home straight after work😤🤔🤔
Finally relieving stress and laughing a lot after a long time
I really love (this) cute song of EXO's 

'I get to watch a musical show again, thanks to Mihee'

She also went to EXO's concert with her acquaintances

A friend thanking Chen's GF because she got her a VIP spot in EXO's concert

She also posted a picture of the ticket to a musical show that Chen starred in

Chen's nickname is Pikachu 
The #JD in the hashtags is the initial of Chen's real name, Jongdae

This is just a screen-capture but you can hear Chen's voice in the video
Also Chen's initials in the hashtags

DJ = Dajeong-ie = Chen's nickname is Kim Dajeong
(NB: 다정/Dajeong means affectionate)

I saw this in the mall and it reminded me of my DJ. 
It's weekend and yet he's currently workingㅠㅠ I can't wait for him. I will spend this weekend nicely~~

I want to go on tours too... If I had the time, I would've gone on toursㅠㅠ
Please, I hope I can go...

_parkstar_: Who's Jongdae? #Idontknowwhoheis #Buthisfansareamazing #Happybirthday #Mybirthdayis815
mihee.xoxo: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋIt's Jongdae

A Chinese fan leaked the information that Chen and his GF went on a 10 days 9 nights trip to LA

Couple items

Chen spotted shopping jewelry for his GF

-I'm not a fan but I have always known that he has a GF...

-I found out in the comment section that Chen is getting married??? Hul...????

-Even non-fans know who she is...

-I had no idea Chen's GF was this famous among fans... 

-I don't know much about EXO but I knew that Chen has a GF who's a non-celebrity...

-Fans are sharing that flight information...? Isn't that illegal?

-They've been in a relationship for quite a long time...

-I heard that's not who Chen is marrying now. Are you sure it's her?

-I was curious so I looked up her name on the searching engine and she's really gorgeous...

-I got goosebumps all over my body after seeing that flight information. Sasaengs are crazy.

-How do fans even find out things like this...? Do they have their own forums for this type of thing or what?

-Isn't that his ex-GF? His current GF is not a celebrity...

-Swarovski... Good for them...

-I'm an akgae, I only stan one member and have no interest in the other members but I know this woman...

-I wonder why Dispatch didn't leak Chen's dating news when it's this obvious...