Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hyolyn reps. regarding the bullying accusations, 'She can't remember it clearly. Will meet the OP in person'

On May 26, Hyolyn reps. releases a statement
"Hyolyn herself claims she doesn't clearly remember as the incident happened 15 years ago, we're currently still looking into it. Hyolyn is planning to meet the claimed victim in person to solve the problem.'

-I will stay quiet until we have further information about this...

-Hyolyn has been famous for a long time, why is this coming up just now?
 ㄴWhen she was promoting with Sistar, this blew up once. The OP also claimed that she had posted this before but it got buried.

-I will stay quiet for now. I know how her fans feel right now. I will not defend or criticize her until we have further information.

-Well, do you remember what happened 15 years ago...? I can't even remember what happened back then when I was 8...

-I'm sure the OP must be really terrified now that Hyolyn is planning to meet her in person...ㅠㅠ But it's still not clear whether if it's true or just another false accusations!

-School violence...?

-On her early debut days, there were rumors about her being Iljin (bully) in her school and some victims even talked about it on the internet. But from what I remember, she had already denied all the accusations, though?

-First of all, let's hear from both sides before judging...

-How could you expect someone to clearly remember what happened 15 years ago?? Just because the OP remembers it, doesn't mean that Hyolyn does. That's why she's planning to meet the OP, she was accused as a bully but she doesn't even recall ever bullying someone, that's why. 

-Why is she planning to meet her in person?