Monday, April 22, 2019

Women 154cm vs 164cm vs 174cm tall


1. [+148][-3] 164cm tall...

2. [+73][-26] I prefer the one who's 174cm tall...

3. [+49][-67] There's nothing good about being tall. You'll look huge even with the slightest weight gain, you can't wear one piece because it'll look really short on you, and you'll also be having a hard time buying pants online...

4. [+30][-1] I'm 154 cm tall and is there anyone here willing to give me 6cm, please...

5. [+24][-1] 164cm looks the best. They look good in any type of clothes.

6. [+23][-15] Being tall is the best, both for men and women.

7. [+21][-2] I'm in 150cm-ish and I assure you that being tall is the best... That's the only thing that I notice every time I walk down the street.

8. [+19][-16] 174cm looks the best here. But I think 171cm tall is the most ideal height for women.

9. [+18][-6] One thing that I'm sure about is that 154cm is not the best one here.

10. [+17][-0] I'm 154cm tall...ㅋㅋ If I could be at least 160cm, I swear I have nothing else to ask.