Monday, April 22, 2019

NCT experiences racial discrimination in America

They experienced racial discrimination when they handed out Easter Eggs earlier.
I re-posted this because I attached the wrong information:
The boys were about to get on the bus for another schedule when some fans suddenly shove up some money in front of them. And there was also this guy who stuck up his middle finger in front of the members.

Racism is a very disrespectful behavior and I personally think they owe NCT an apology

-So disrespectful. I hope NCT wouldn't get wounded because of this and finish their promotions safely.

-F*ck, what the f*ck do you think you're doing to my babies??

-Shoving up money on their faces?? I f*cking want to give those b*tches a huge slap across their face.

-This is very upsetting...

-So disrespectful. I bet they can't even earn 1/10 of NCT's income, they better stop that bullshit^^ Racist son of b*tches.

-As an NCT's fan I am very sad and upset to see this...

-I heard the girl who shoved up money on their faces wore hijab...? I wonder why she did that. Isn't she also an Asian herself?

-Why are you handing them money when they earn so f*cking much more than what you hand them...

-That girl said that was a joke and we, Koreans, are unbelievable for not being able to understand it. F*ck yourselfㅗㅗㅗ

-Why is she suddenly handing the boys some money? What does she mean by that?

-Bring back my boys to South Korea, they don't deserve being treated like that.