Thursday, April 11, 2019

Winners of Netflix's G/A

Just like what I promised yesterday, I'm going to announce the winners for the Netflix's G/A.
Don't worry, I included everyone who applied for Netflix G/A until the very last minute (23.59 KST)

(pardon me for the tacky choose of the random picker site....)

Congratulations to Disqus user:
Uncrowned Princess, Renjun's Sparkly Eyes, Michelle Tan, and Hheiyz.

Please do contact me through DM/Email before April 12th, 12.00 PM KST to get the emails and the password.
And tell me if you're using provider that blocks Netflix's service, I will tell you how to access it:)

And for the others, stay tuned because I may have another G/A if I'm feeling like it!