Thursday, April 11, 2019

The reasons why Koreans have nice skin

The country is located in the spot that gets less ultraviolet radiation

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80% of Koreans have the characteristic of Northern type

Characteristics of Northern and Southern Asian:

Northern Asian men:
-Straight hair, have almost no mustache
-Dull facial features with light-toned skin
-Wide shoulders, huge physical figure

Northern Asian men:
-Dull facial features with light-toned skin
-Chubby extremities

*Tend to have youthful looks.
Don't get cold easily.
Thick skin.

Southern Asian men:
-Curly hair, a lot of body hair and mustache
-Distinctive facial features, tanned skin
-Narrow shoulder, slender physical figure

Southern Asian women:
-Distinctive facial features, tanned skin
-Long extremities, more to slender physical figure

*Tend to look mature than actual age.
Don't get hot easily.

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Clean water

That's why there are a lot of Koreans who have a lot of skin troubles after leaving the country for vacation

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Cleansing routine

They wash their face more than 2 times.
They use a lot of different cleansing, like eye remover, lip remover, cleansing oil, etc.

-Race doesn't even matter, it's all different for each people. I have nice skin, even if I wash my face once in three days;

-I totally agree with the water, though...

-My skin is getting worse because of all the dust lately... 

-My skin is thinner than a piece of paper...ㅠㅠㅠ

-My skin is so thin that you can actually see my veins... It's really gross...

-When I have make up, this is usually how my cleansing routine go: Lip and eye remover -> Cleansing water -> Cleansing oil -> Foam cleansing 

-My skin looks so much better when I travel overseas...

-I have dull facial features, but my skin is tanned... I guess I'm mixed.

-I live overseas and my skin does become a lot better everytime I visit Korea..

-I think it's also because of our habit to put on sun screen...

-My skin is very thin. I'm not saying that it's bad, but it's very very sensitive...ㅠㅠ

-My skin is very thin that it bled a lot when I got my eyebrows tattooed...