Thursday, April 11, 2019

[trigger warning: rape] Rape videos are discovered in Jung Joonyoung's golden phone

As informed by JTBC Spotlight, there are rape videos discovered in JJY's golden phone.
There are estimately 10 victims.

The victims don't even know they're the victims. They didn't even remember of the event, but there are videos of them.


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-?? That's crazy...

-F*cking bastards...

-What did I just read...?

-Hul... Didn't they say they couldn't find the golden phone, though...?
 ㄴThe police said they recovered the memories of the phone...?

-And they shared the videos...?ㄷㄷ

-F*ck... So it's not just a one night stand but a rape...?

-But didn't they say they finished investigating the group chat earlier today...?

-Oh... Seems like this case still has a long way to go...

-What about the phone he threw out in America... I wonder what's in there...

-I tremble so hard just by reading this post, I can't imagine how terrible it is for the victims...

-I am so fucking disgusted...

-They're talking about the non-celebrity here, right? I don't think it was JJY who filmed the rape video.

-Including a celebrity, there are 4 people who did it. And there are other two who just watched.

-The police confirmed that the perpetrator is also the participant of the group chat, they recognized his face.