Thursday, March 14, 2019

Picture of Seungri, Jo Byunggyu, Burning Sun Director and DJ

Jo Byunggyu, Seungri, Burning Sun Director, Burning Sun DJ

-So f*cking what..

-I know what you're trying to do here. I suggest you to not to.

-Byunggyu-ya, save yourself..

-Netizens tried to bring Roy Kim down but failed, is Jo Byunggyu their next target now?

-Jo Byunggyu from SKY Castle..?

-I bet netizens are going to witch-hunt every single person that Seungri knows at this rate..

-Criminals can have friends too^^

-Who's Jo Byunggyu..? A singer..?

-I think I've seen that DJ somewhere..

-So what.. You're pointing fingers with no clear reasons..

-What a load of crap is this;; Look at people trying to bring some people down just based on a picture..

-Why do I only see hate posts about him.. You can start hating him when you have a strong evidence.

-I thought Jo Byunggyu was an athlete..

-He literally gets hate for everything he does..

-That's too forced..