Friday, March 8, 2019

Let's share our TMI (Too Much Information) today

I went to a macaron store in front of my house after my cram school ended, but they closed early and it was really devastating..


1. [+190][-5] My puppy sleeps with its hands like this..

2. [+103][-2] I took a closer look of my grandfather's dentures for the first time today..

3. [+90][-6] The class meeting that I organized finally ended today, but no one applauded for me even when I asked for it.. I became really gloomy, but they applauded me in the end..

4. [+78][-0] Going to school is so freaking tiring..

5. [+73][-2] I cried because I miss my middle school days..

6. [+68][-0] My teacher has a baby, and she doesn't eat baby food..

7. [+43][-1] My cat suits this crab hat really well

8. [+31][-4] I inhaled too many dust today that I have a lot of booger..

9. [+27][-10] My boogers are black..

10. [+23][-1] I borrowed $10 from my friend.. I already used $4 and have $6 left now.