Thursday, March 7, 2019

Almost all of men agree that this is heart-fluttering

When they bite their hair tie when they tie their hair

거의 모든남자들이 인정하는 설레게하는 여자 행동 | 인스티즈
거의 모든남자들이 인정하는 설레게하는 여자 행동 | 인스티즈
거의 모든남자들이 인정하는 설레게하는 여자 행동 | 인스티즈

-Ugh.. My hair tie is so freaking dirty that I can't bring myself to bite it.. Just imagine the amount of dust is there in your hair.. And we all drop our hair ties even in the bathroom floor.. 

-I seriously don't understand why would they bite their hair tie like that..

-I don't understand why they find this heart-fluttering..

-I usually do this back then, but after hearing things like this (that it makes men's hearts flutter) I don't do it anymore^^

-There's no reason for me to bite my hair tie and I can't even tie my hair without looking at the mirror so..

-It's all up to them whether to bite it or not..

-But in reality, women put their hair tie on their wrists..

-Hair ties are really dirty, though..

-I have never seen anyone around me who actually do that..

-No.. It's dirty..ㅠㅠ

-No.. It's much more comfortable to put them on your wrists..

-My hair tie smells so freaking bad, I would never bite them..

-It's only heart-fluttering if you have a beautiful face..

-Who in the world bites their hair tie..?