Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My friend got over $1000 for Lunar New Year

My birthday overlapped with Chinese Lunar New Year, so I got $60 for my birthday allowance + monthly allowance + CNY allowance + graduation gift. My friend told me she got $600 for CNY alone, I thought she was just lying but turns out there are a lot of my friends who got at least $100 for CNY. There are even some of them who got over $1000. 

Both my grandparents from my mother and father's side have passed away. My parents don't have a good relationship, therefore my paternal and maternal family don't get along really well. The kindest uncle in my family got fired out of all sudden, causing him to have no money and my brother is currently studying to retake his SAT..

It's honestly very immature of me to compare my CNY allowance to other kids' CNY allowance..

'Just choose Hyena, quickly Ye Seo or Ye Seo'


1. [+308][-8] Do you guys feel happy that you can brag off the amount of allowance you got here;; You guys seriously lack of empathyㅇㅇㅇㅇ

2. [+228][-6] At least you still got money from your parents,, Just be nice to your parents and accept the allowance you get..

3. [+198][-9] Those who lack of common sense in the comment section must be a loser in real life..

4. [+99][-4] Don't forget that the amount of money you got from your relatives equal to the money your parents gave to your relatives as well.. I got over $500 and I noticed that my parents spent a lot of money just for CNY allowance..

5. [+81][-3] Well, if you got $1000 for your CNY allowance that means your parents gave $1000 to your relatives..

6. [+63][-2] I can totally agree with comments below me. If you got more than $1000 for your CNY allowance, it means your parents spent the same $1000 for your relatives too. I feel really guilty for my parents..

7. [+51][-10] Don't live your life comparing yourself to the others..ㅋㅋ $60 is enough for you to spend around, right? There's no end when you start comparing yourself to others..

8. [+41][-2] You need to know the fact that the amount of CNY allowance you get is equal to the amount of money your parents spend for your relatives..

9. [+36][-2] Those who brag off the amount of allowance they got in the comment sections.. They're no different with those who comment 'Hul.. My dad doesn't do that..ㅠㅠ Have some strength!' on a post about an abusive father. You guys seriously lack of empathy.

10. [+25][-3] That's exactly the amount of money your parents spent on CNY..