Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The grandfather who starts his career as a model at 65 years old and quickly becomes a hot topic

Kim Chil Doo

He used to run a restaurant when his daughter recommended him to become a model.
A lot of brands are dying to work with him.
This is his Instagram account

You can see a picture of him during his younger days in this account..ㅋㅋ
He's living a really good life..


-Whoa.. He's really cool..

-Oh my goodness..

-Whoa.. He's so surreally cool. His swag is from a whole different planet..

-Whoa, his swag is seriously no joke.. He's bursting out with charms..

-Whoa, he really does look cool..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-That's really cool. He's starting a whole new life at the age of 65..

-Whoa, he's really cool. He somehow looks really trendy, which is a whole different word from 'handsome'. They have different vibes..

-He's really amazing, he's the coolest model I have ever seen in my life..

-He looks so f*cking trendy..

-Even his name sounds really cool..

-Look at his poses..

-A trendy grandfather!

-Whoa, he does look really cool.. He's beating all of those models who are younger than him..

-Whoa f*ck.. Look at him, man!!

-He's so freaking cool..